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Winning design

Webdesign for a new law firm for Sustainable Law

• Eine ganz besondere Anwaltskanzlei entsteht. Ausgewiesene und prominente Experten (= Anwälte) für Umweltrecht, ...

By gs m in Web Page

73 Entries 919 silver price
Winning design

Create a Product Page and Category Page for Gaming Company

Lioncast is a german manufacturer for PC and console gaming accessories. We focus on high quality. Our website is a p...

By at in Web Page

9 Entries 574 bronze price
Winning design

Who is happy?

“” is an online survey with gamification elements. It answers the question of what contribute...

By grau O in Web Page

53 Entries 1,149 silver price
Winning design

Make a Website for furniture to rent

We rent furniture....

By flatsurfer in Web Page

176 Entries 1,544 gold price
Winning design

Create awesome design for new video-streaming site freeplay !

We start a new video-streaming Site We will have user generated Content like Youtube and expect all kinds of content...

By Tommy Tom in Web Page

86 Entries 2,014 platinum price
Winning design

Clean and crisp modern website

We are a Company developing E-Commerce Systems based on thorough Content Strategies. We help customers bringing toget...

By butsch in Web Page

60 Entries 574 bronze price
Winning design

Create a website to attract members to the work of THIRD

In the briefing document

By RebekahO in Web Page

105 Entries A$1,899 gold price
Winning design Redesign

Create a great redesign of, high quality Hair Removal Clinics in Germany

By GFX-Service in Web Page

250 Entries 1,199 gold price
Winning design

Superior booking website for beauty services!

"schöngemacht" is German and means sth like to get beautiful/ make yourself beautiful. We provide a unique booking p...

By maria.mann in Web Page

89 Entries 689 silver price
Winning design

Create a Fascinating and represantative new website for a medical technology company

Syntellix AG is a German medical technology company, focused on research, development and marketing of highly innovat...

By maltseva in Web Page

167 Entries 2,359 platinum price
Winning design

Create a fascinating and representative new website for an investment company

ALSTIN is a private, long-term-oriented investment company within a German family office. We invest in innovative, fa...

By karsten.mitzinnek E in Web Page

80 Entries 2,359 platinum price
Winning design

Star Registry Website (simple task)

Well actually the main website is and is just a website where customers and t...

By rzellmarc in Web Page

20 Entries 459 bronze price


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