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Winning design

Create a Fantastic Personal Brand Identity for a Leading Female Travel Blog

This is a travel and lifestyle blog that is run by Kristin Addis - a personal brand. It reaches educated women who lo...

By addis.kristin in Web Page

53 Entries 1,299 gold price
Winning design

Neues Design für noch mehr Urlaubsfeeling gesucht

Wir, die „schöner inseln!“ Hotels und Ferienwohnungen GmbH, sind eine kleine Inhabergeführte Hotelgruppe, die Hotelzi...

By in Web Page

59 Entries 874 silver price
Winning design

Sweets Global Network - website relaunch

The international confectionery association SWEETS GLOBAL NETWORK has nearly 300 members in eight countries. Member c...

By Jonny Hubner in Web Page

96 Entries £1,599 platinum price
Winning design

Homepage until start of our Shop

Wir verkaufen absolut qualitativ hochwertige Produkte für Kleinhunde (Futter, Hundeartikel). Unser Hauptaugenmerk hab...

By info a0k in Web Page

4 Entries 624 bronze price
Winning design

Create three websites for an emerging jobs posting startup

We offer a job multiposting portal for small and medium sized businesses. Describe your job once, we deliver it to do...

By Georg Schlenkhoff in Web Page

112 Entries 749 bronze price
Winning design


we are a typical online shop for mobile devices like laptops, smartphone, tablet, wearables, TV's, accessories and so...

By Evangelos P. in Web Page

127 Entries 2,099 platinum price
Winning design

Create a OnePager-Homepage for our Web Agency

We are an agency for web development. We create design, ideas and code for our customers. We also advise our clients ...

By nordlevel in Web Page

61 Entries 749 silver price
Winning design

Cool Redesign for Germany's best Blog-Directory

Deutsch: Puuh, unsere Webseite ist uralt und braucht dringend einen neuen Anstrich. Ihr seid gefragt! Die Bloggerei i...

By gspot2k in Web Page

36 Entries 1,674 gold price
Winning design

Web Design for a consumer rights company.

GDVI is holding company. We specialize in helping Consumers obtaining their rights against bigger companies, if they...

By top f in Web Page

29 Entries 499 bronze price
Winning design

Erstellt für meine potentiellen Klienten eine überzeugende und ansprechende Seite

Ich arbeite über das Unterbewusstsein. Klienten kommen mit verschiedenen Problemen zu mir und ich finde mit Hilfe des...

By jacqueline-kohl in Web Page

132 Entries 1,424 gold price
Winning design

Create the new Home for QSR Startups

We are an investment company specialized in Food Franchises, which means we invest in new Food Concept and help them ...

By Kamshad in Web Page

38 Entries $1,349 silver price
Winning design

Redesign of Huge German Jobboard

We run a huge jobboard under www.jobbö for jobs and career ONLY in germany....

By Ms10959 in Web Page

186 Entries 2,224 platinum price


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