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Winning design

Create a special Cover for an eBook of Poems

By Svens Fiction in Book Cover

586 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

UND EIN BISSCHEN IKEA - Das wird mein Buch!

Ein Buch schreiben....

By 123steine in Book Cover

53 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

Eyecatching book cover for PhD thesis about chronic depression

Our department conducts research on psychological disorders, such as depression, and evaluates the effects of new for...

By fritz.renner in Book Cover

197 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

Create a book cover for an outstanding, breathtaking novel that takes place in the Sahara desert!

The novel is called "Azahrú - Wer den Weg verliert".

By Richard Mackenrodt in Book Cover

58 Entries 909 platinum price
Winning design


Wir produzieren und handeln mit Produkten rund um das Thema Foto. Wir gehören zu den Marktführer im Bereich Fotoalb...

By Schulze in Book Cover

276 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

Book cover for my book “Golden threads of fate”

Writing self published books...

By Ajana Waldkicher in Book Cover

26 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

Author of Dilbert wants you to beat his book cover design

Author of humor and other books. (Also creator of the Dilbert comic strip.)...

By scottadams925 in Book Cover

43 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create an abundant Ayurveda book cover

Career coach and financial consultant...

By info k5 in Book Cover

107 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

A great Book Cover needed for a personal self-development book "Befreie dein Herz - liebe deine Schatten"

I am coach and facilitator for workshops in the personal self-development area. I am about to finish my first book...

By Fraukehamann in Book Cover

130 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

The Vineyard Cover Contest

THE VINEYARD, by Michael Hurley Ragbagger Press, Nov. 25, 2014 Trade paper: 5 x 8, 384 pp. $16.00 USD Paperback / ...

By Michael Hurley in Book Cover

128 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Great book cover needed! Alligator Valley - Krokodile weinen nicht

Buch, ebook...

By Info56638 in Book Cover

111 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

Buchcover für Kriminalroman (E-Book)

Ich schreibe regionale Krimis, die in Bayern/München spielen....

By harryluck in Book Cover

58 Entries 229 bronze price


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