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Winning design

New logo for a dietician

I am a dietician from germany. In Germany it is called "Diätassistentin". I'd liked to add ambulant dietary advice....

By ronny_1006 in Logo

172 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

Re-invent the MEETINGplus logo!

MEETINGplus is a business networking organisation that was founded by me (Tom Noeding) in 2002 in Frankfurt (Germany)...

By Roquane in Logo

432 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

Business LOGO "Elektrosmog"

Elektrosmog-Schweinfurt Schweinfurt is the town in that I want to start my Business. The Business is Consulting, m...

By Stefan.Carr in Logo

104 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

Move your golden ass - logo for a new art gallery

Ministry of walls wird eine international arbeitende Galerie, welche street art und traditionelle europäische Handwe...

By toepfer-thomas in Logo

58 Entries 909 platinum price
Winning design

Langweiliges Versicherungsthema sucht schrilles Rockkonzert ;-)

Wir vermitteln Versicherungen und Finanzielle Produkte an junges, innovatives Publikum aber auch an den ganz normalen...

By cem.eroglu in Logo

15 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

A chance to learn

Learner's Labs is a research and service company that creates software (esp. apps) and media (ebooks) and consults in...

By me ka in Logo

514 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

Make us an military logo/Sign for our merchandise products !!!

We are selling Rc Tanks in 1:16 and Soldiers. We need an new Logo for Merchandise Products like banners, coffee cups,...

By licmas Gmbh in Logo

294 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

Cool Logo for MyCarGallery

We are building a platform where car enthusiasts can store and share pictures and videos of their car(s)....

By wruppert in Logo

82 Entries 909 platinum price
Winning design

Create a mark for thousands of festival visitors

Providing cooling services for individual usage especially on music festivals Target Group: festival visitors usin...

By easy2cool in Logo

193 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

company brand for world wide enterprises

QTC global group operates worldwide. Consulting and delivering enterprise strategies and solutions for digital market...

By oh in Logo

89 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

Logo Design for Jewish Non-Profit-Organization

Jewish Non-Profit-Organization for Educadion and Publishing...

By Benzion in Logo

317 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

Create a pixel art style 80's logo for a video game product

Logo for arcade game machine that has built in classic, retro arcade games from the 80s...

By Shawn101370 in Logo

36 Entries 909 platinum price

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