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Winning design

Icons für Website einer Filmproduktion / Icons for website of a film production

modern icons for our website

By d fU in Icon or Button

19 Entries 229 silver price
Winning design

4 icon set for Zadara Storage

Zadara Storage empowers organizations to enjoy flexible and cost-effective enterprise storage, without compromise.

By Craig @ Zadara in Icon or Button

38 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Create a friendly and social app icon for wordkiwi

The kiwi in wordkiwi refers to the fruit. Our product is a word tool. Users can search for definitions,translatio...

By team NB in Icon or Button

31 Entries 149 bronze price
Winning design

Piktogrammreihe NEU! Sei Teil einer Reinigungsmarken Relaunch.

Die mobiloclean Handelsgruppe ist ein Verbund inhabergeführter, mittelständischer Fachgroßhändler in ganz Deutsch...

By mobilo_jaap in Icon or Button

12 Entries 229 silver price
Winning design

Glückliches Händchen für unsere Glückskekse gesucht! Icons for fortune cookies!

We sell unique fortune cookies with your individual messages.

By kai.schmidhuber w in Icon or Button

29 Entries 459 gold price
Winning design

iPhone "RoadBreakers" App Icon Design

Design a flat, simple, eye-catching iPhone app icon showing the front of a large, commercial truck.

By gregmwhite in Icon or Button

133 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

App icon for breast feeding app

I need an icon for an app that's about breast feeding. It's a very simple app that does one thing but does it right. ...

By marco.otte-witte in Icon or Button

59 Entries 149 bronze price
Winning design

Create A Billion Dollar App Icon

SOMO is a mobile marketplace for individuals to buy and sell products....

By Braydo25 in Icon or Button

65 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Our business app securePIM needs a fresh logo (iOS and Android)

Simply put, SecurePIM is an app for mobile devices that puts all business functions at the users’ fingertips. They ...

By carsten.priebisch in Icon or Button

174 Entries 459 gold price
Winning design

Bridal shop Fav-Icon

bridal retail shop...

By Hochzeitsrausch in Icon or Button

20 Entries 149 bronze price
Winning design

Erstellt einen Icon für "Rumbble" mit Eye-catcher Potential !

Wir sind ein Start-Up aus Köln mit Namen "Rumbble". Momentan arbeiten wir an einer App im Bereich kabelloses Verb...

By mbeutnagel in Icon or Button

36 Entries 229 silver price
Winning design

Medizin Icons

Telemedizinische Beratung & Elektronische Gesundheitsakte. Zielgruppe: Patienten, Ärzte, Unternehmen....

By einkauf 0 in Icon or Button

43 Entries 459 gold price


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