Infographic - from hour glass to turbine
Infographic about new words to spice up your vocabulary in 2020
Infographic about 8 ways your body reacts when you don't have sex
Illustration of Universe of Voice Search
Illustrative poster for a bus travel operator
Illustrative medical graphics about pets for social media posts
Graphics for a business pitch
Graphics about IT services
Printed handout about client's services
Set of illustrations for a digital marketing agency
Report design with data visualization
Set of graphics for a pitch deck


We are Anita Stokic & Nikola Markovic, a couple of dedicated graphic designers who design for print and web. We specialize in infographics and data visualization, and use creative thinking and design skills to transform data into visually appealing and easy to comprehend graphics. We love to work on both fun & illustrative, and professional graphics for businesses. Please have a look at some in our portfolio:

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"Brilliant work as always! We highly recommend working with Anita."
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"Anita is a wonderful designer we highly recommend her work!"
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"We love working with Anita, she's a great designer."
Profile pictureOrbis Terra Media
"An amazing designer and teammate. We highly recommend Anita and her work."
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"Wonderful to work with Anita, highly recommended!"
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"We love working with Anita. She’s creative and professional. Very agreeable collaboration. "
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"Wonderful working with Anita, she's creative and reliable. We highly recommend her."
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"An outstanding creative professional, highly recommended!"
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"Great design and quick turnaround time on feedback!"
Anonymous client
"Anita is great designer and will continue to work with her. Recommend."
Anonymous client
"Good designer. Will work again !"
Anonymous client
"Great to work with. Will definitely recommend"
Anonymous client
"Great designer. Will recommend."
Anonymous client