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The history of the heart

This time of year, you can hardly leave your house without seeing hearts everywhere. Or at least the particular combination of curves and a point that we call a heart. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, you have to admit that the heart symbol is the greatest accidental logo in history. What other shape... Read More

February 12th By

A beginners guide to art & design travel in East Asia

Feeling inspired by the Lunar New Year celebrations all around us this week, we felt the need to dive a little deeper into East Asian aesthetics (if only we could do so in person!). We did a little bit of dreaming about where we would start a tour of contemporary East Asian art and design.

February 10th By

Texture is 2016’s hottest packaging trend

In a sea of similar items, how do you make your product packaging stand out? One of our favorite ways is by complicating it a little with 2016’s coolest packaging trend. Designers are imbuing their designs with texture, giving packaging a tactile quality that drives shoppers to grab them off the shelf.

February 9th By

5 unexpected places to inject personality into your site

Personality transforms a basic site into an engaging, entertaining one. It’s what convinces first-time visitors to keep clicking and repeat visitors to come back. However, once you’ve added personality in all the obvious places – like your copy, visuals, fonts, and color scheme – you might not know what else to personalize.

February 4th By

5 killer snowboard design trends to watch this season

Where sports go, graphic design is not far behind. From big scale branding of major pro teams to the design of your local little league logo, there is someone behind the scenes, utilizing imagery to delineate teams. And that goes double — nay, infinitely multiplied – for products available to consumers of sporting goods.

February 3rd By