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Winning design

New unique 3D device design of an radio frequency device

Cosmetics, Doctors, Pharmacy with customer in the premium and luxury segment Kosmetik, Ärzte, Apotheker mit Kunden i...

By info BAt in Other

22 Entries 659 gold price
Winning design

The best presentation ever!

we specialize in leadership development. We offer executive coaching, communication consulting and customized seminar...

By me ka in Other

25 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

Learning with fun - a brochure

We need a ppt template for seminar brochures

By me ka in Other

18 Entries 419 silver price
Winning design

Create a romantic CD Cover for German Songwriterin & Singerin RosaLi

New Song "Zauber der Nacht" von RosaLi - Pop-Schlager deutsch, Zielgruppe 30+...

By musik R in Other

83 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

Produktvisualisierung - product Visualization - Visualización del producto

Briefing auf Deutsch / Briefing in English / Briefing en español

By Andreas Kranke in Other

96 Entries 909 platinum price
Winning design

Course images for Memory Masterclass and Masterplan videos helps people learn memory techniques in a fun and easy way in order to easily memorize a...

By learnandmemorize in Other

75 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

Design our new digital and To-Go menu.

Bigbites Pizza & Grill is a new fast casual restaurant chain located in Florida.

By Author77 in Other

41 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

3D Illustration of Willi the Gartenzwerg from Gartenstadt (garden goblin)

Consumer Products Trading Company...

By mail 0s in Other

57 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

Cover für Metalband/ Cover for a Metalband

Wir sind eine Metalband. Sollte den Zuhörer ansprechen.... We are a Metalband. Should appeal to the listener

By partyfaesschen in Other

29 Entries 249 bronze price
Winning design

Create 15 simple hand drawn characters and sets

We sell Christmas trees online. We sell to young urban professionals, particularly women and newly married couples wi...

By marc vV in Other

77 Entries 249 bronze price
Winning design


We are a small manufacturer for wake- and kiteboards. Our Slogan is "handmade in Berlin"...

By vampire boards in Other

87 Entries 249 bronze price
Winning design

3D Realistic Interior Design for Hookah Lounge

We are looking for an interior design for our new upcoming lounge /restaurant that will also serve hookah (water pipe...

By wshoj00 in Other

213 Entries $1,499 platinum price


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