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Winning design

Great Simple/Clean Design for Event + Hot-Or-Not App Needed!

Looking for a Simple, Bright and Clean App Design.

By ben.marten in Mobile App

87 Entries 379 bronze price
Winning design

App for Revolutionary News Site

By Cahmann in Mobile App

136 Entries $1,199 silver price
Winning design

Redesigning a B2B responsive website for insurance industry

Comprehensive back office application for insurance companies to handle policy, claims, billing, all operations

By pcms in Mobile App

59 Entries $2,099 platinum price
Winning design

iOS8 design for our SpeedPRO MMO racing app

Cuting edge GPS-based gaming app

By Johnny_tucker in Mobile App

56 Entries $2,199 platinum price
Winning design

Social, Modern and Cool Android App that helps you search


By MobileCompanies in Mobile App

90 Entries $1,699 gold price
Winning design

App redesign in Bubble Tea style

By mzetzmann in Mobile App

21 Entries 688 silver price
Winning design

You love your city? We show you the location.

Detail page for location (pictures, map, functional buttons)

By gradl in Mobile App

36 Entries 379 bronze price
Winning design

Adesso Web Client App Re-Design

By Jim6918 in Mobile App

12 Entries $1,799 platinum price
Winning design

Beautiful Sudoku Board

By fsperber in Mobile App

79 Entries 989 gold price
Winning design

Insurance overview - bring style to personal finance

By grau O in Mobile App

17 Entries 537 bronze price
Winning design

Redesign and refine RockSkip, a fun video creation app

By Gene Z in Mobile App

104 Entries $1,699 gold price
Winning design

Puzzle Game App for Kids

Animal/Zoo-Themed based

By Jochen in Mobile App

61 Entries 719 silver price


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