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Winning design

Design a cool UI for Gamers!

By darkswoop in Mobile App

89 Entries 1,439 gold price
Winning design

myPostcard App

Redesign - clean, simple, iOS 8 Style

By fotopost24 in Mobile App

52 Entries 1,715 platinum price
Winning design

Erstellen Sie die Oberfläche einer EntertainmentApp für Patienten im Krankenhaus

By simon.machnik in Mobile App

19 Entries 759 bronze price
Winning design

Design our iOS fitness app

By daniel.basedow in Mobile App

129 Entries 1,439 gold price
Winning design

APPtoCOM App Redesign - Phase 1, follow-up designs required / covered in follow-up project 1 to 1 with the designer

By CIO#Matthias in Mobile App

30 Entries 419 bronze price
Winning design

NEW APP DESIGN FOR DUDR - The digital disposable camera app for events! Well known from TECHCRUNCH!

By Bernd.Schmekel in Mobile App

41 Entries 1,754 platinum price
Winning design


By info gVx in Mobile App

12 Entries 674 bronze price
Winning design

GUARANTEED - Be the one to bring Tennis Buddy from good to OUTSTANDING

By Malibluk in Mobile App

219 Entries 1,439 gold price
Winning design

Entwerft ein ansprechendes, benutzerfreundliches und modernes App-Layout

By Christoph_P in Mobile App

47 Entries 829 silver price
Winning design

Design a social app!

By info pz6 in Mobile App

50 Entries 1,839 platinum price
Winning design

App redesign in Bubble Tea style

By mzetzmann in Mobile App

21 Entries 688 silver price
Winning design

Help doing good by creating a great design for the CHIN app - CHat to INtegrate - Refugee project

By maiko.schaffrath in Mobile App

20 Entries 829 silver price


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