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Winning design

Erstelle eine visuelle Broschüre für den eventbereich

Eventbereich. Dienstleistungen im Eventbereich. Ausstattung von ton und Lichtanlagen für Events...

By Ck-info in Brochure

18 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

Create a brochure for COAR with "WOW" effect!

Library Directors, University Librarians, Repository Managers, Research Funders, generally in the field of higher edu...

By mputlitz in Brochure

14 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

Attract beauty-junkies:)

This one is supposed to be presented in a plastic surgeon's office. Clients should be informed about a special treatm...

By kontakt LR in Brochure

32 Entries 229 bronze price
Winning design

Onlinestrategien für den Mittelstand benötigt brochure design

By Traffic-Jam in Brochure

14 Entries 399 silver price
Winning design

Create single page marketing / capabilities statement for clients in the federal marketplace

US government agencies, other large businesses supplying professional services to the federal government (e.g. inform...

By ndunn in Brochure

57 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Help end student debt by designing an amazing brochure

Educate Muslim students by providing interest free loans for higher education as we are forbidden from interest loans

By ahaq in Brochure

9 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

A contemporary brochure: Foundation Park, A Bioscience & Innovation Center

Biotech companies. Technology companies....

By Ktaylor78 in Brochure

12 Entries $812 platinum price
Winning design

brochure design for Archive Disk

Technical product brochure: lots of text, not so much space, Your creativity is key!

By Michiel de Bruijn in Brochure

7 Entries 399 silver price
Winning design

Design a highly professional and exclusive looking brochure for MarketBird

Executives in marketing or market research departments of leading retail companies....

By MarketBird in Brochure

53 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

create brochure for a wellness / float-center in berlin

Between 30 - 50 years old, interested in life style and wellness, middle class, academics, tourists...

By tranxx - schwebebad in Brochure

28 Entries 909 platinum price
Winning design

Help needed --- Brochure design for an engineering company

Unsere Zielgruppe ist die Industrie - Industriekunden mit einem Bedarf an wärmetechnischen Anlagen. Our Targets are...

By Cris B in Brochure

76 Entries 609 gold price
Winning design

PROTECT Seniors: PROMOTE Understanding of Home Care

Seniors who what to live at home and their families who care for them....

By Adultcare Assistance in Brochure

41 Entries $799 gold price


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