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Winning design

Create a custom, capturing illustration-based pamphlet for a franchise company

Business Investors...

By charles dS in Brochure

14 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

2 page re-design: 1st product flyer of a serial. Winner gets following 1-to-1 project

We provide risk management solutions and services for the financial sector. Thus our target group are manager and ana...

By grau O in Brochure

42 Entries 419 silver price
Winning design

Erstellt eine Broschüre für Physio-Therapeuten zur Nutzung einer innovativen Bewegungstherapie

Create a brochure for physiotherapists that should use our innovative kinesitherapy

By dr.eugen.schiedel in Brochure

37 Entries 419 silver price
Winning design

Reputation Results


By Stay2 in Brochure

24 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create a booklet with reading sample for now ebook-series

gay men aged 15 - 69...

By anna.mayer in Brochure

18 Entries 659 gold price
Winning design

create brochure for a wellness / float-center in berlin

Between 30 - 50 years old, interested in life style and wellness, middle class, academics, tourists...

By tranxx - schwebebad in Brochure

28 Entries 909 platinum price
Winning design

Techniktage NRW

Geschäftsführer des Metallhandwerks, Stahlbau, Maschinenbau, Zerspanung, Technik; Handwerker höheren Bildungsniveaus;...

By l.preissner in Brochure

26 Entries 249 bronze price
Winning design

Broschüre Hochschulforschungszentrum Energie

Wirtschaftsunternehmen, Wissenschafts- / Forschungszentren - Professoren, Kommunen, Bürger allgemein...

By michael.riederer in Brochure

24 Entries 249 bronze price
Winning design

Design a highly professional and exclusive looking brochure for MarketBird

Executives in marketing or market research departments of leading retail companies....

By MarketBird in Brochure

53 Entries 379 silver price
Winning design

Digital Brochure for Asset Panda

70% male 30% female average age 25-40...

By rkurzius in Brochure

46 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Modern imagebrochure for a German bowling organisation wanted

Deutsche Bowlingcenter, Bowlingenthusiasten...

By gripp in Brochure

31 Entries 249 bronze price
Winning design

Help needed --- Brochure design for an engineering company

Unsere Zielgruppe ist die Industrie - Industriekunden mit einem Bedarf an wärmetechnischen Anlagen. Our Targets are...

By Cris B in Brochure

76 Entries 609 gold price


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