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Winning design

Design a "Subscribe" button for a popular website!

Conservative news and newsletter alerts for a conservative/libertarian audience....

By icanenterprises in Banner Ad

21 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Set of Display Ads: For Download Campaign

We are a consulting company offering services to business mainly in Germany. We offer consulting in Onlinemarketing S...

By sopeeck in Banner Ad

47 Entries 229 silver price
Winning design

Looking 4 some new bannerdesigns for an SEO Ageny in Germany

The KarMa Webmarketing is an Agency for SEO, Search Engine Optimization. We just redesigned our Agency Website (www.k...

By MarkusLaue in Banner Ad

190 Entries 459 gold price
Winning design

Create a banner for a culinary travel website

Our organisation is an online platform distributing various high-end culinary travel products presented by different ...

By kdeharde in Banner Ad

74 Entries 149 bronze price
Winning design

sliderbanners for our mainpage/landingpage

Fashion Onlineshop...

By daniel.sosa in Banner Ad

51 Entries 459 gold price
Winning design

Pirates of Banking for Developer-Event

Image - The new Fintech Speedboats will enter the big tanks of traditional banks. 

By Eichmann in Banner Ad

22 Entries 229 silver price
Winning design

Erstelle ein Bannerset für ein innovatives "retro" Online Angebot

Der NischenDetektiv ist ein Online Tool, welches OnlineMarketing-interessierten Nutzern die Chance bietet, interessan...

By MarkusLaue in Banner Ad

32 Entries 229 silver price
Winning design

Banner for green crowdfunding platform

We are a crowdfunding Platform that finances sustainable projects. Our slogan: Invest cleverly, save the world. ...

By RockmyStartup in Banner Ad

123 Entries 297 gold price
Winning design

Advertising banners for Online Shop Merchandise and Figures

We are an online shop for merchandise and figures from movies, series and games....

By ELIVESHOP in Banner Ad

66 Entries 759 platinum price
Winning design

Webseiten Banner/Slider erstellen

Wir sind Werbeartikelhändler und benötogen 4 Banner für unseren neuen Onlineshop....

By MediaOrange in Banner Ad

26 Entries 149 bronze price
Winning design

Werbebanner-Set für Reizwäsche Online-Shop

Online Shop für Dessous, Corsagen, Korsetts und andere erotische Produkte....

By sascha 4 in Banner Ad

76 Entries 149 bronze price
Winning design

Advertising banners for an online games portal

We operate an online gaming portal. All games which are in our database are free 2 play for the users. Users can vote...

By Mediaworker in Banner Ad

53 Entries 759 platinum price


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